WEED WARS 2016 (EVENT RESULTS) 4.21.2016

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WEED WARS was a huge success. We have a lot of build up heading into our next event PAYBACK which is on May 2nd but for now let’s dive into the results of each match.
Match #1 – The WEED Championship Title Match. This was a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match. The match was very much what we thought it would be and that was a beat down by Superman. Superman was the winner of this match and now has a title belt to add to his resume.

Superman wins the WEED Championship
Match #2 – The Powers of Pain upset The Legion of Doom to win the CAW Elite World Tag Team Titles. This upset was a shock but don’t think that we have seen the last of this rivalry at all.

The Powers of Pain upset The Legion of Doom
Match #3 – Goro Vs Chucky in a Steel cage. This match was for the MONEY Championship Title. Chucky was able to escape and collect the second title belt of his career. Chucky now puts himself in a position to really challenge for a spot in the Hall of Fame. He needs two more title belts to add to his arsenal and then he can claim the first spot in our legendary Hall of Fame.

Chucky defeats Goro for the MONEY Championship.
Match #4 – The Iron Sheik put his CAW Legends Title on the line against Bret “Hitman “Hart. This was a submission match and once again The Iron Shiek was able to find a way to pull out a victory and retain his title.

The Iron Sheik had his way with Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

The Iron Shiek retains his title once again.
Match #5 – Goldberg was challenged by Psycho Sid to a Hardcore Title Match. Goldberg dominated this match and has proven to be a serious contender for other championships as well. He has been on an impressive win streak lately and defending his title with ease.

Goldberg dominates Psycho Sid.
Match #6 – Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This match had Randy Macho Man Savage, Razor Ramon, Sean Michaels, and Skeletor in it. From the very get go this was a battle. The winner of this match gets to challenge for a title at our next event. Skeletor was able to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase for the win.

Skeletor wins the ladder match and can now challenge for a title at the next event.
Match #7 – The Viking King took on The Killer Croc in a singles match and it was kind of a sleeper. The Viking King came out with a victory but there is nothing to amazing to report about this match. The Viking King had a chance to shine tonight and it looked as if he just coasted through his match.

The Viking King had a bad showing at this event. It wasn’t his best performance.
Match #8 – The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar in a (Hell in a Cell). The Undertaker put his POWER Championship on the line in this one and it was a battle for sure. The Undertaker was able to pull out a victory in this one and retain his title but Brock Lesnar suffered less damage in the fight. We will keep an eye on the Undertaker mainly because his next match is a Title for Title match at PAYBACK 2016 and that match is against his brother KANE.

Brock enters the arena.

Suplex City was in full effect.

The Last Ride ends the match.

The Undertaker may have won, but his body paid the price.
Match #9 – Pennywise Vs Kane for the CAW Elite World Heavyweight Championship. Kane once again proved that Pennywise can only go so far in his career as the big red machine tossed Pennywise around like the clown he is. Kane won this match in decisive form. Kane now looks to PAYBACK 2016 as he faces The Undertaker in a Winner take all, Title for Title bout that could put one of those two superstars on a direct path to The Hall of Fame.

Pennywise looks confident heading into the match.

Kane on his way to the ring.

Pennywise has nowhere to go!

This was the beginning of the end for Pennywise after Kane hit this chokeslam.

Kane gets the pinfall over Pennywise to win the belt.

Kane is the New CAW Elite World Heavyweight Champion.

Kane now realizes he must face his brother The Undertaker next.

Kane celebrates his victory.
You Can Watch The Replay of WEED WARS Below.
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