PAYBACK 2016 – Event Card (4.21.2016)

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CAW Elite Wrestling Presents: PAYBACK (Undertaker’s Rules)

Match #1 – Spider Man Vs Stone Cold (Intercontinental Championship).

Match #2 – Chucky vs Jason Vorhees Vs Michael Myers (Money Championship).

Match #3 – Akeem vs Andre vs Big John Studd vs Yokozuna Vs Thanos Vs Fat Albert (Battle Royal Championship).

Match #4 – Goldberg vs HHH (Hardcore Title).

Match #5 – Powers of Pain vs Dudley Boys (Table Match) World Tag Team Title Match.

Match #6 – Iron Sheik Vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts (CAW Legends Championship).

Match #7 – Superman Vs Batman (Retirement Ladder Match) Superman uses his WEED Title to challenge Batman to a retirement match. If Batman loses, he is gone. If he wins, then the title belt goes to him and he gains the right to challenge anyone to a retirement match at any event. Superman’s career is not on the line in this match only Batman’s career is at stake.

Match #8 – Undertaker Vs Kane (Title for Title) Hell in a Cell Match.

This Event will be on May 1st, 2016 @9pm EST.

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