CAW Elite Wrestling Presents: PAYBACK 2016 (Story Line) 4.19.2016

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Now that WEED WARS is over we now have some serious business to talk about. For those of you who are new to our CAW League let me explain something. We have title belts in our league that allow superstars certain abilities for example.

  1. The Power Championship Belt: This belt allows you to control the matchups for each PPV Event. This is a good belt to have especially if you have a heated rivalry and want to punish your rivals or maybe contribute to them losing their title belts.
  2.  The Money Championship Belt: This belt allows you to buy your way into any match, this is very similar to the “Money in the Bank” type of thing but if you buy your way into a match and lose, then you must rematch at the next event against the person who beat you. If you win that match you get to keep your belt.PAYBACK AD1

As of right now Chucky has possession of the Money Championship Belt and the Money in the Bank Title as well. This means that Chucky could cash in or buy his way into any match tonight. Rumor has it that he is waiting to see the main event and if he feels that he can capitalize on a wounded superstar then Chucky intends on cashing in on his title chances which could mean that he positions himself to be closer to THE HALL of FAME than anyone in CAW Elite History.

The Undertaker is the Power Champion so he will most likely put Chucky in a title match for at least one of his belts to prevent him from trying to cash in on getting a chance at another title later that night.

To be inducted into our Hall of Fame, you have to have possession of all 2 major belts in our league. That has never been done and it will take a lot of skill and luck to pull that off.

You can watch Part.1 of WEED WARS Here:

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