Saturday Nights Main Event 2016 Show #1 (Event Results).

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Last night was CAW Elite Wrestling‘s first Show of 2016 for the iconic show Saturday Nights Main Event. It was a huge success but the show also had some drama and controversy attached to it so let’s jump right into last nights results.
Match #1 had Sean Michaels taking on Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. The match was a great battle right up until Sean Michael hit his patented “Sweet Chin Music” finisher to seal the victory for the heartbreak kid.

Sweet Chin Music Wins Again.
Match #2 is where the controversy begins. In a mixed tag team match The Incredible Hulk was accused of striking Female superstar Mystique when in fact video evidence shows that he never touched her.
The ref disqualified Team Hulk and awarded the match victory to Mystique and her partner Juggernaut. This will not be the last time we hear about this rivalry. The Incredible Hulk and Juggernaut have some unfinished business.

Mystique is clearly out of harms way when The Incredible Hulk was attacking Juggernaut.
Match #3 was a Steel Cage Match. Skelator took on He-Man and and it wasn’t much of a contest. He- Man dropped his massive Leg Drop on Skelator pretty early on and was able to climb out over the top of the cage for the victory.

He-Man escapes the cage and seals another victory over bitter rival Skelator.
Match #4 was the Big Battle Royal. Yokozuna was the only one left remaining after everyone else was tossed out. Yokozuna has now put himself in a position to challenge for the Battle Royal Championship Belt against Akeem.

Yokozuna now gets to challenge for the Battle Royal Championship Belt.
Match #5 was a Triple Threat Match. Bruce Lee was flying high in this match. Spiderman and Scorpion were battling it out when one bad move by Scorpion cost him the match. Scorpion tried a flying splash from outside the ring apron and he missed.
The result was enough damage to Scorpion where he couldn’t kick out of the pinfall attempt by Spiderman. Spiderman has been in talks lately with CAW Elite Executives and he feels that a title shot against Stone Cold Steve Austin for the Intercontinental Championship is long over due.

Spiderman wants to challenge Stone Cold???
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