Saturday Nights Main Event is Back!

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Competition Sports has decided to bring back one of our favorite shows from Wrestling’s past, Saturday Nights Main Event.

We will be doing these weekend shows through out the year. The 2016 Edition of Saturday Nights Main Event will kick off on April 16th @ 9pm EST.SNME AD1


Saturday Nights Main Event 2016 – Episode #1

Match #1 – Sean Michaels Vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Match #2 – Spiderman Vs Bruce Lee Vs Scorpion (Hardcore Match)

Match #3 – Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk Vs Juggernaut & Mystique (Mixed Tag Team)

Match #4 – He-Man Vs Skeletor (Steel Cage Match).

Match#5 – Great Khali Vs Big Show Vs Zangief Vs Yokozuna Vs Diesel Vs Andre The Giant (Big Man Over The Top Battle Royal).

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