WEED WARS Announced For 4.20.2016

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CAW Elite Wrestling would like to announce its next CAW Event. WEED WARS will be our first ever WEED WARS Event. It is a special PPV event to celebrate the day April 20th.


The Undertaker holds the CAW Elite POWER Championship belt which means he controls the match ups for our next event WEED WARS. The event will take place on April 20th @9pm EST at the Weed Lyfe Arena.WEED WARS Ad


WEED WARS EVENT CARD:  “Undertakers Rules”
Match #1 – Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match for the (Weed Championship)
Storm Shadow Vs Lion-O Vs Superman Vs Batman

Match #2 – CAW Elite World Tag Team Championship
The Legion of Doom Vs The Powers of Pain

Match #3 – CAW Elite MONEY Championship – Chucky cashes in his money in the bank title for this opportunity. Goro Vs Chucky (Steel Cage Match)

Match #4 – CAW Elite Legends Championship – (Submission Match)
The Iron Sheik Vs Bret The Hitman Hart

Match #5 – CAW Elite Hardcore Championship – Goldberg Vs Psycho Sid

Match #6 – #1 Contender Match for the Power Championship.
Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match – Razor Ramon Vs Sean Michaels Vs Randy Macho Man Savage Vs Skeletor

Match #7 – Tables Match – Killer Croc Vs The Viking King

Match #8 – CAW Elite POWER Championship – Hell in a Cell Match
The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar

Match #9 – CAW Elite World Heavyweight Championship
Pennywise Vs Kane

**The WEED Belt allows you to challenge any person to a retirement match. If you lose that match then you must rematch the person you lost to at the next CAW Event and your title will be on the line.

**To enter our CAW Elite Hall of Fame as a Superstar. You must have held all 3 Major Titles at once. This includes the POWER TITLE, MONEY TITLE, & the World Heavyweight TITLE

This will not be easy to pull off. Getting one title is hard enough in this league but some superstars will abuse the power and the money just enough to be able to put themselves in line for chances at The Hall of Fame.

Strategy, Luck, and Overall Talent will decide who gets into the Hall of Fame. So far….no one has.


WRESTLE WARShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v75e_uHhFzw&nohtml5=False

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