Wrestle War 2016 (Event Results) 4.10.2016

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Wrestle War 2016 was our first CAW PPV Event where the POWER Title holder got to use their abilities and decide what type of matches we had and it was a huge success.

Juggernaut proved to be a good match maker for this event. Overall we gave it a rating of 6.0/10.0

Watch The Replays Here:

Part One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v75e_uHhFzw&nohtml5=False

Part Two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcWmYRupUmw&nohtml5=False

Match #1 – Stone Cold Steve Austin Wins the Intercontinental Championship.Wrestle War - 1 Screenshot 2016-04-10 00-38-36

Match #2 – Chucky wins the (Money in the Bank Match) Which also gives him the #1 contender spot for the MONEY Title at the next PPV Event.Wrestle War - 2 Screenshot 2016-04-10 01-01-13

Match #3 – The Road Warriors defeated Demolition to become the CAW Elite World Tag team Champions.Wrestle War - 3 Screenshot 2016-04-10 01-00-33

Match #4 – Goro defeats Jesus Christ in a Steel Cage Match.Wrestle War - 4 Screenshot 2016-04-10 00-59-55

Match #5 – Pennywise continued his dominance by defeating HHH. This was Pennywise’ first title defense.Wrestle War - 5 Screenshot 2016-04-10 00-59-08

Match #6 – The Undertaker defeated Juggernaut in a (Hell in a Cell). The Undertaker now gets to decide what matches will take place at the next PPV Event.Wrestle War - 6 Screenshot 2016-04-09 17-56-31

Match #7 – The Iron Sheik Wins the CAW Elite Legends Championship.Wrestle War - 7 Screenshot 2016-04-09 17-56-03

Match #8 – Akeem wins the CAW Elite Battle Royal Championship TitleWrestle War - 8 Screenshot 2016-04-09 17-55-37

Match #9 – Goldberg wins the CAW Elite Hardcore Championship.

Wrestle War - 9 Hardcore Screenshot 2016-04-10 00-56-47

Our next event will be Wednesday April 20th. The Undertaker will be in charge of the Matchups. See you all @ 4/20 for “WEED WARS”.

The Weed Title Will Be Up For Grabs For The Very First Time. (Winner Keeps Belt Till Next Year’s 4/20). Tune in to see who wins the first ever CAW Elite Wrestling “WEED Championship”


The Weed Title Holder can use his title to RETIRE another Wrestler in a Retirement Match. If successful in a Retirement Match, The Weed Title will be forfeited and will remain without a title holder until the next 4/20 date.


***Event Card Can Change at Anytime. Matches Can Be Added Without Notice.

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