Wrestle War 1 – 4.9.2016

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The Build Up: We hosted three tournaments and the winners of each tournament won a special belt that represents our CAW League in its own special way. Here are the Big 3 Title Belts of our CAW League.

The CAW Elite POWER Championship: With this belt you can pick what type of matches you are in at every CAW “Live” event that we host. You can also pick the match types for everyone else on the event card as well. This belt provides a lot of drama because if it does fall into the wrong hands, who knows what could happen.

Power Title Tournament Finals Screenshot 2016-04-08 16-56-10
CAW Elite POWER Championship Belt

The CAW Elite MONEY Championship: With this belt you can buy your way into any match at anytime (Limited to one use per event). This comes in handy because if you are not scheduled to have a match on a PPV.

You can buy your way onto it or even better, you can challenge for any title at a moments notice but the only setback to having this title is that if you challenge for a title and you lose the match, then your belt must be defended at the next PPV event against the person you just lost to. (It’s A Rematch Clause).

The CAW Elite World Heavyweight Championship: If you hold this belt then you are considered to be the “Best in the Business” right now. There is no disputing the value of this belt. It is the most coveted prize in our league because of its status.

CAW Elite Superstar Juggernaut won the POWER Championship Tournament. Juggernaut now gets to select the match ups for our next PPV event and that will be Wrestle War 1.

{Juggernauts Comments}

I have decided to announce the match ups for the upcoming CAW Elite PPV Event Wrestle War 1 but before I do that I heard a rumor that Jesus Christ was planning on challenging me for my title because he could buy his way in that match up with me with his title based on what the rules say.

In order to counter act that idea, I am going to schedule a #1 Contender Match. It will be a Fatal 4 Way match. I will pick the participants and it will be a Money in the Bank Ladder Match. If Jesus has any plans to defend his title tonight and win and then go on later to take me out in a title match, well……he is mistaken because now the Money in the Bank winner can now challenge him if he was so lucky to beat me so in theory Jesus….

You would have to wrestle 3 times tonight and win them all…..is it really worth it?

Power Title Tournament 6 Screenshot 2016-04-08 16-59-37
Juggernaut Tells Jesus “Not Tonight”

{Juggernaut Drops The Mic}

If Jesus thinks he can take on these kind of odds and still come out on top then he is in for a very long night.

Wrestle War Event Card: “Juggernauts Rules”

Match #1Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Jason Vorhees – (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Match #2Freddy Kruger Vs Mr. Sandman Vs Chucky Vs Mephisto – (Fatal-4-Way Money in the Bank Ladder Match) #1 Contender Match for the “MONEY Championship”).

Match #3 – CAW Elite World Tag Team Title Match ( Table Match) – Demolition Vs The Road Warriors

Match #4 – CAW Elite MONEY Championship – Jesus Christ Vs Goro (Steel Cage Match)

Match #5 – CAW Elite World Heavyweight Championship – Pennywise Vs HHH

Match #6 – CAW Elite POWER Championship  – Juggernaut Vs The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell). 

Match #7 – CAW Elite Legends Championship – Ricky the dragon Steamboat Vs Jake the snake Roberts Vs Big John Studd Vs The Iron Sheik

Match #8 – CAW Elite Battle Royal Championship – King Kong Bundy Vs Collossus Vs Akeem Vs Typhoon Vs The Big Show Vs Andre The Giant.

Match #9 – CAW Elite Hardcore Championship – Goldberg Vs Michael Myers Vs Mick Foley Vs Wolverine Vs Psycho Sid Vs Tyrant


***Event Card Can Change at Anytime. Matches Can Be Added Without Notice.

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