THE WWE is Dying!

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Agree to Disagree WWE Fans but the WWE has just lost 25% its viewer base recently so I had a thought on this and it is the following. The biggest problem with WWE is they are dealing with an educated audience now Vs back in the day when people like me and millions of others thought this stuff was real because they sold us on the idea that it was and it was good television because of that.

Social Media doesn’t allow for secrets, so instead of you buying a PPV and dying of anticipation, we all now buy the PPV for fun but more so to see if our predictions were right. I am 39, been a wrestling fan all my life and I think the older guys my age and above are more critical and losing interest because we grew up in the hay day of this type of entertainment and we saw culture shifts that were legendary and right now we have bad acting, poor stories, lesser talent, its more sex appeal than ability to perform, characters are not believable, the whole product is hurting because you mix us older people in with the new generation who is highly educated on whats going on and then you see results like this.ATTITUDE_display_image


WWE needs something new that really works for the times right now, but the question is what do they need? We had the Attitude Era, we had the undefeated streaks of Goldberg and Undertaker to talk about, we had retirement matches, title for title matches, A Hardcore Era developed and so much more. The thing is now….how do you bring SHOCK value back to this art form and get people to want to see whats next when you have told every story you possibly can? we have seen it all! its a dying business because it can’t keep up with demand of the consumer.images (1)

Can you imagine this?….out of nowhere some no name person who WWE and the developmental leagues all kept hidden from the public comes out and then they debut this new badass character and he comes in and crushes Brock like nothing, ends Undertakers career, puts Triple H in the hospital, Randy Orton fears him so he works for him and then what? there is no good guy bad guy stories, its all about survival now and this new guy is king! Not like a Nation of Domination type thing but a real one sided story that shakes up everything anyone is thinking about right now, that type of sudden story would get people talking WTF all over soshift-happenscial media, that is what this generation needs, it needs a massive culture shift and it has to happen when no one expects it.

Don’t we all feel that with all the injuries lately that they are just riding this out until their stars can come back? the bookings are not the best lately and I know most of us were waiting on Shaemus to come out during the last PPV because we can predict now what angle they will use. This is just my opinion guys,t the demand for better stories, better talent and more believable characters is way higher now. 25% is a huge drop off for any business, a massive chunk just finally said “Screw it” and decided they can’t even watch anymore, they have moved on. WWE needs reinvention.

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