Are You A Video Game Player Who Likes To Compete?

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Competitive-Online-Gaming-highlighted-in-App-Store-452066-2Hello and welcome to the Competition Sports Video Game Blog! If this is your first time ever hearing about us we would like to give you some information about who we are and what we offer to competitive Video Game Players.

Our Channel “Competition Sports” is a competitive gaming channel on Twitch TV. We launched the channel a year ago and have been working on a lot of behind the scenes development and this blog will serve as an inside look into our plans for the upcoming months ahead.

competitive gaming
Compete to win Prizes and some Fame.

First off we will be creating tournaments for followers of our channel to enter, these tournaments will be one day tournaments, weekend tournaments, or depending on the game such as Madden Football we will do a season and who ever wins the Super Bowl that year wins the Prize. Our plans are to not only do sports games but also first person shooters, racing games, and much more.

What can you Win? – We want to offer full size trophies for all of our events, we also want to create championship rings, plaques, and many other awards that we feel a player would want to compete for and have in their home. If you have a desire to fill your room with a trophy case from competitive gaming but you don’t have what it takes to be a Professional to have one, well this is your chance to have that happen as we get set to launch several events for viewers and participants to enter.

Give us an idea of what a tournament or event may look like – We will end up hosting “On The Spot” events soon for our twitter followers only, what will happen is our channel will send out an invite on a first come first serve basis. One example could be that we want to play 4 rounds of golf on a Tiger Woods PGA Game and the tournament will be open to anyone who has that game on the console we play it on and responds you must respond to our tweet. If we open the event to 10 people then t he first ten people to respond will be allowed in. If you win the Twitter Tournament you will win your prize that day and we will ship it to you but in return all we ask is that you follow our channel, and take a picture of you along side your award whether it is a trophy a championship ring or a medal.

FiverrMichaelopolskiLogoWhy Compete on Your Channel? – Our channel is working on becoming more of an ESPN type of channel down the road where we will do a news show and during that show we will talk about “YOU” the players in our events, we will highlight your scores and stats, promote your Twitch Channel and all your social media outlets you have for it, we will promote you on our website for free, we will run commercial ads (with your permission) using your name, your scores, and many times pictures of you holding your trophies.

Why would you want to promote other people?
– Great question, we thought long and hard about this and the reason for this is we are a competitive gaming channel first and in order to create champions and rivalries we need to help you and your achievements make it out into the mainstream world by advertising it for you, if you are really good at a certain game, we will make a big deal about it and talk about you like an M.V.P, once we get the word out of how good you are then people will want to come and play you and this is how sports rivalries and on going interest in competitions starts.

maxresdefaultHow fair will the Competitions be? – We would like to pair up people based on skill level but then realized that people will just lie anyway so the only thing we ask is that you are not a professional gamer, you do not compete for money, and if caught we reserve the right to remove you from the event you are a part of and offer the participants a complete do over with a new start date and time. If you try to be slick and win one of our events just remember we are very well connected in the Twitch world and word travels fast so please for the sake of fun and fairness if you are a pro, don’t enter our events.

Fill Your Shelves With Trophies from Our Channel.

Can we enter as many events as we want? – YES we encourage this because the more you win the more we can promote you and your channel. One idea we want to do is host monthly special events and each month offer different prizes for the special event, then at the end of the year the best players from this special event will be invited to a grande finale event and a large trophy will be up for grabs and the winner will hold the title of champion for that event and game the reason we wanted to do this was so we could start putting people in our Hall of Fame section on our website. The hall of fame section is great for players because it will have a Bio of you and your story of how you won one of our events. One of the best things about being in the Hall of Fame is that once you are in, you are in for life and we will add links to all your channels websites and other destinations right on your Hall of Fame page so that visitors will know where to find you and possibly follow you as well.

11046768_10205981736008091_3439065873911972594_nCompetition Sports is still in its infancy stages but the next few months we are blowing the roof of the channel and we look forward to seeing all of you in channel competing in some of our events, thanks for reading and happy gaming

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