How to Get More Famous on Twitch.TV and Have Fun Doing It!

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FiverrMichaelopolskiLogoWelcome to the Competition Sports Video Game Blog everyone. I wanted to write this blog to not only inform readers who are followers, but also anyone who may stumble upon this blog or anything else our Twitch.TV Channel produces in this world. Twitch.TV is such a huge platform for people to play or simply watch video game action that you can be overwhelmed with the many options you have for which gaming channel you wish to watch for a while.

This is where most of the Twitch Broadcasters get frustrated and start to wonder if they will ever get a following. I myself just launched my Twitch channel about a year ago as an ongoing project and business venture. I basically want to turn my channel into an ESPN style of channel for sports related things, and then parody and a much more relaxed feel for many of the other things we will be doing on our channel.

We have many different things to offer viewers and followers of our channel and we thought we would extend this opportunity to reach out to Twitch broadcasters who maybe struggling to get a core group of followers for their channel. Competition Sports has been test marketing different ways to attract viewers and we still haven’t gone full time with our channel yet so the numbers we do have we have created by just word of mouth and very little streaming. In terms of followers we have 55 as of today, and have 1,806 views on our channel from just playing replay videos that are featured on our Youtube channel over the course of a few months time.

If we can create 50+ followers without even setting a schedule or even being on air, how can we increase traffic and at the same time make it fun and worth the effort for us and followers? This question has to enter almost every single broadcasters head if they intend to make a living from streaming on Twitch.TV.

main_4We know some Twitch broadcasters who make a good deal of money on Twitch and many of them are very talented and have a gift to talk like most do not have, they are Top Level Streamers so how do you go about gaining more followers while having some fun at the same time? and then still be in competition with those people at the top? Our Twitch channel thought about this challenge for a while and we decided to make it a little bit easier for people to have access to a following of fans by offering a fun way to bring people together on our channel so as of today 10/5/2015 Competition Sports would like to announce on this blog our “Fantasy Pick Em League”. This is how it works, when we broadcast and event or a tournament on our channel we invite the public to join in on the fun and visit our website at where they can register and play along with other followers of the channel in contests where the winners earn prizes, and many other perks for just participating in our shows or by followers can win prizes and perks by simply predicting who will win certain games or tournaments….(See Website For More Details)

Win Prizes Just For Being a Follower.

One of the perks for followers is that we will be doing weekly recap shows much like an Espn Sportscenter would look like except on our show we will be talking about the followers of our channel, the winners of our events and at the same time offer to put your channel and links to it on all our social media outlets we have currently running for us. We are aware that some events or games that we stream may not be what some people want to watch but we fully intend to have special events each and every month on several different types of games so that we can reach a bigger audience and help more people gain publicity through our channel and by participating in our events.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Graphics Card 4GB.

One way a Twitch Broadcaster can gain followers is to market for them which basically means you need to set up a budget where you spend money each month on ads and things to help draw attention to your channel, or you can showcase your equipment and gain followers by having some cool gadgets that run your stream. One of my favorite parts is my graphics card for my Gaming PC which is shown here in the picture to your left. If you can’t buy higher grade equipment to showcase and you combine that with no desire to market constantly with a budget then make it easier for you and your channel by joining us on our Network, this way you can eliminate much of that work especially if you are a follower and a winner of one of our events. We have no problem promoting anyone of our followers especially the ones who participate in events and win.

Competition Sports Founder – Michael Opolski

We are going to offer some amazing prizes to our event participants, When they win one of our events one of the prizes we are looking to offer is a One Year Paid in Full Membership of Xbox Live Gold Valued at $59.99 USD, we are also looking at getting medals, plaques, full size trophies created and so much more so that the people who actually enter our events will have something worth competing for.

We channel offers a Hall of Fame Section on our website, this page is reserved for champions in our sports competitions. Once you win one of our sporting events, your name, and picture and a brief Bio about you stays up on our hall of Fame page forever which will also help direct traffic to your Twitch Channel as we will add your links to your Hall of Fame page for all the visitors of our site to see and have access too each and everyday.

We Want To See You Participate in Our Events.

If you are interested in winning some prizes and gaining access to possibly more Twitch followers then we invite you to follow us on Twitch.TV at the following link:

You do not have to be a video game player or Twitch Broadcaster to participate in any of our events or win prizes, all you have to be is a follower of our channel. We have a lot of work to do in the next few months but we are planning some very big events and we are excited to have you along with us as we build a massive network of video game fans world wide.

kqn224luxuuf09n**If you or someone you know is looking to increase their fan base on Twitch.TV by just being a part of a network who will help promote them and end traffic to their channel, then be sure to pass this blog to them and allow us a chance to meet and grow together. Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog entry, we look forward to building a very fun and very rewarding Twitch.TV Channel and we would love for you to be a part of our growth.

You Can Follow us and view content at the links below.

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