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images (1)The following are some things I feel will help boost the popularity of the gaming series WWE2K16. I stream games  on Twitch TV and from all the chatter I see in WWE game related channels I have noticed some ideas popping up from both new age fans and the old school fans and I wanted to share with you what today’s die hard fans are asking for behind the scenes when it comes to this game.  

1). We want to be able to download or use created characters for the game and upload music for entrance themes from our hard drive on our consoles or PC’s.

download (1)2). Be able to have an additional 250 created characters for use. 250 storage slots Vs the 100 WWE2K14 had.

3). The ability to create your own PPV’s and name them, and get rewarded for having great Match Ups. During a PPV your matches have ratings based on how the fans liked it and how the match went. If its a back and forth battle, it will have a higher chance of being rated well. It would be nice to get fan points for your PPV’s if you have matches that have things like a guy being busted open and you see Blood, or Being thrown through announcers table, things like that should add more Pts towards your overall PPV totals. Give players the ability to have their entire show be rated, and then you open a whole new world for people to try and have the Best PPV of all time.

4). More Arenas…lots more! this fuels the creativity for all those die hard fans who want to build their dream PPV.

images5). Better story modes, multiple endings, if you play through a story mode with a created character it gives you more free stuff as prizes along the way. this will make creating characters a huge focus because most hardcore fans of the old WWF are not familiar with some of the new guys and whats even going on, but they will come back to this game if the nostalgia appeal is there and they have the ability to exercise their creative ideas.

Anarchy Match #4 Screenshot 2015-09-18 03-51-466). The ability to fully edit any character at any time, change their entrance music especially, also on the character entrances, it would blow people’s minds if you gave them total control over creating a characters entrance to the ring. in a perfect world it would be epic to see over 100 different fireworks scenes to choose from for each phase of the walk out. it would also be nice to have Pyro whenever you want on each scene as well instead of just 2 scenes like WWE2K14 has. The ability to create the walk out itself would be sweet. if you have a created character and you want their walkout to suit their personality, let the players have hundreds of choices for each phase of the walkout. focused walks, taunting walks, flip off the crowd walks, pump up the crowd walks….you get the idea.

7). Make creating PPV’s worth a damn. If players take the time to create a solid PPV and the game rewards it well with great ratings, then I think unlockables should be the reward, and it should come pretty easy at the start. If you get an average rating for your first PPV but you know you could have done better, let the average score unlock well over 50 brand new things such as Pyro and arena’s to help assist the player in that area. You can make playing the game for longer periods of time even more fun by giving more control to the players to create outcomes and story lines to their choosing.

Anarchy Match #2 Screenshot 2015-09-18 02-08-24
Creating Title Belts is Worth Keeping.

8) A total revamp of the game all together, give players options to change the button configs so they can adapt to the move sets any way they want to.

9). ONLINE PPV’s. I myself broadcast on Twitch TV, it would be cool to have a place online where followers of the channel can vote on who they feel will win the matches before the event starts and based on audience participation and number of votes, you will get a ton more PPV ratings and unlockables.

10). The Ultimate Marketing Move – You folks must know someone over at WWE or at least their licensing department, it would be epic to launch the trailer for this game and base it off of “The greatest PPV of all time” instead of having just one wrestler like “Stone Cold Story Mode” have it open for PPV creation, then of course have part of the game dedicated to some of the highest rated PPV shows ever. Once the debut trailer is done, let future buyers of this game know that if you get to be #1 in the ratings online, then you can come to a WWE event and talk to the WWE about some ideas you may have for future shows. It would bring in every die hard fan who is in their 30’s and up for sure, you know they are all critics and think they can do better when it comes to story lines…..let them prove it! this will get pre game sales off the charts and based on that number you will know….

Thanks to anyone who gives a damn and takes the time to read this letter. I know making games takes time and money and I thought that this game is amazing BUT….not Vince McMahon amazing, not yet, WWE is killer because of its creative stories and shocking outcomes. I could see a huge boost in game sales for this game if you were even able to put all this stuff into just one game. I know games today are open world and much bigger and take up more space. If this game took up 7-8 gig on my hard drive…I would still buy it online on Xbox Live Marketplace and download it right away. Having all these possible options will keep me and millions of other faithful WWF/WWE fans coming back for more.

P.S.  If you use these ideas, I don’t need the credit, just the game for free and all the unlockables from day one….a day before anyone else gets it so that I can do a promotional for the game launch on my Twitch Channel.

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